Today's speaker was Bill Goodwin from the Lakeville Rotary Club.  Bill and his firm "Priority Living" have 30+ years of leadership experience in growing and building individuals and teams. He is a certified, independent speaker and also a coach on The John Maxwell Leadership Team.  His theme today was of "jump starting growth" focused on the difference between goals and growth, with the former focused on reaching a destination and the latter focused on the journey toward goals.  Bill was mentored since childhood by an uncle who encouraged him to think on these subjects and also highly recommended joining Rotary, where "all the good people are"!  He has now been a member in Lakeville for the past 3 years.
We also heard today from our soon-to-be outgoing Rotary exchange student Oliver Gamson.  Oliver is currently a ninth-grader at MVHS and will be leaving this summer for a year in Austria.  He has not yet been assigned to a city or host family but has been busy starting to learn German and planning for what is to come.  He was encouraged to prepare a self-introduction speech and practice it on groups such as ours before his exchange journey begins.  Oliver is a very impressive young man and will undoubtedly thrive during his year overseas. He has classical training on violin and piano and aspires to be an architect.  He will no doubt be thrilled with the architectural aspects of living in Europe and he expressed appreciation for the support our Club is providing for his exchange journey.